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Facebook Now Allows Orkut Profile Linking

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Earlier this year, we heard the news of Facebook beating Google’s Orkut in India. But Orkut still remains the most-widely used social network in Brazil, and apart from that Orkut still occupies a substantial market share in India.

So for those users, who are still using Orkut and probably Facebook as well, Facebook has decided to allow these users, to link & integrate their Facebook profiles with their Orkut profiles, so that they can stay connected with their Orkut friends, who have not joined Facebook yet.

Doing this, will allow users to keep their Orkut friends updated with their Facebook activities i.e. share status updates, links, photos, notes, events and groups with friends on Orkut, directly from Facebook!


Users can choose the things they want to share both on Facebook as well as Orkut. Apart from all this, it will also help users find their Orkut friends on Facebook.


Update 1: A lot of people also believe that the addition of this new option, might be the reason behind Facebook being down. Apart from this one, now it seems there are a few more remarkable changes Facebook has made in its user-interface.

Update 2: According to GigaOm, a Facebook spokeswoman said there was no connection to the Orkut integration and reports of problems on Facebook yesterday.Though, the spokeswoman did not have any comment on the cause of those issues.

“This could prove to be the beginning of the end of Orkut: by linking accounts, a user can now broadcast from Facebook and spend more time there while still staying connected to friends on Orkut. It’s basically an invitation to jump ship.”, says Ryan Kim of GigaOm.

Update 3: Facebook’s Orkut profile linking feature is available to Brazilian and Indian users only, who have their privacy settings set to ‘Everyone’.


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