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Access Facebook and Twitter from Gmail

Jaimin is the Co-Founder of Technolicious, where he is currently the Editor, User Interface Analyst and Search Engine Optimizer. He is a student of Computer Applications and blogs about anything related to software and web applications, he finds worth sharing.

Wouldn't you be glad to have your social world handy right inside Gmail, and have it all stacked under one single tab, instead of toggling between multiple tabs or windows, every now and then? If you believe so, here’s how you do it.


The idea is to add third-party iGoogle Gadgets, using the Gmail Labs feature. So to get started, we hope you’ve logged into your Gmail Account. Now in order to install the iGoogle Gadgets of Facebook and Twitter, just do the following:


1. Go to Settings (top-right corner of the page) –> Labs, find Add any gadget by URL and Activate it by clicking on Enable and then hit the Save Changes button at the bottom.


Enable Add any gadget by URL


2. Now, again go to Settings –> Gadgets, in the “Add a gadget by its URL” field, type in the gadget URLs respectively one after another and then click on the Add button.


Add iGoogle Gadget


These are the gadget URLs:


Facebook -


Twitter -


Facebook from Gmail


That’s it! you will now have two new options added to the left pane, one saying Facebook and the other one saying Twitter. You’re now literally just a click away from your friends’ updates on Facebook & Twitter, right within your Gmail Account. Pretty nifty. Isn’t it?


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