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Add or Remove Delay from Subtitles to Synchronize with the Audio

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SubtitlesWe all have those days when we want to watch a movie but the subtitles just don’t add up with what is being said. There might be a delay in the subtitles or, maybe the subtitles appear before the right time. In such times it is best to download the subtitles file we can get (preferably of .srt format), and re-synchronize it to match the audio.


So let’s get started. The process is quite simple, and this short guide will help you in the process.


Step 1: Download a subtitles file for the movie you are watching. There are quite a lot of sites which provide subtitle files but I personally prefer OpenSubtitles.Org. Try to get a .srt file. Even if the delay is high it doesn’t matter. We’ll correct it in a while.


Step 2: Download VobSub. This is the software we’ll be using for the synchronization process. The active development of VobSub was ceased a while back so there is no official page. But you can easily find it on download sites like Softpedia. Just Google - VobSub 2.23. Or download it from here.


Step 3: The installation process is pretty straight forward. We recommend a full install. In case you wish to go for a custom install remember to choose SubResync in Utilities:


Installing VobSub

Step 4: Once finished with the installation, go to start menu and choose SubResync from the VobSub menu.


Step 5: Click on open and choose the subtitle file you wish to edit. SubResync supports .srt, .sub, .idx and few other formats as well.



Step 6: Next open the video file in any media player and note the time when you first hear someone speak or any kind of sound which will be subtitled.


Step 7: In SubResync, the list of all the subtitles will be displayed with the corresponding times. Notice the two time columns: Time and Preview. Click on the time first time in the Time column. Click on it again after a slight gap. Now you can put in the time we noted in the previous step. Notice whatever time you input all the times in the Preview column adjust themselves accordingly.


Resynchronizing Subtitles

Step 8: Save your file.


Note (Optional and only for advanced use) : Using the above method you can add/remove the delays present when there is synchronization error in all the subtitles. But in case you wish to adjust the subtitles only after a certain subtitle. Then click on its corresponding time, and input the time you want. If you want the subtitles below it to adjust automatically with the ones above it intact then right click on the small circle beside the time till you see a small inverted red triangle. Similarly if you want only the subtitles above a particular subtitle to adjust right click till you get a red triangle.


VobSub in itself if is an extremely useful and powerful software. It can also help you rip DVD subtitles, convert it to text, join and cut subtitle files. Hope his guide can end your subtitle woes. Feel free to comment.


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