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Block Unwanted Facebook Applications’ Postings

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You will certainly find a substantial part of your Facebook News Feed and Wall, occupied by several unwanted, annoying and useless Applications’ postings, such as quizzes and other random stuff and we’re assuming that you’re here because you too, probably want to get rid of those.


If you’re a Google Chrome user, then you’re just a few clicks away from accomplishing this, thanks to Facebook Application Blocker, which is a Google Chrome Extension, that allows users to automatically block Facebook postings made by applications. Doesn’t this sound way more convenient and better than the other time consuming, manual method of blocking postings by unwanted apps, by going to the Application’s page and then clicking on Block this Application and doing this individually for each and every application that you’d like to avoid and ignore postings from?


Once you’ve installed Facebook Application Blocker on Google Chrome, the next time you will login to your Facebook Account, at the top, beside the Friend Requests, Messages and Notifications icon, you will find another new icon appear that says ‘Application-Blocker’, like the one shown in the image below. This is the access point to do your own settings and customize the extension i.e. decide which applications to block or retain. If the icon’s not there, kindly restart Google Chrome.


Facebook Application Blocker Icon


The Highlight application entries option is checked by default, which means that you can view the application entries that are currently being displayed on the page. You can choose to have the application postings highlighted in any of the five colors - purple, green, orange, and dark or light grey.


Facebook Application Blocker Settings


The Show found application list box option, which is also checked by default, displays a box at the bottom-left corner of the page, listing all the detected applications on each page, like the one shown below.


Found Application List Box


By default, the settings are set to block all application postings. However, if you wish to receive postings from any particular application, you can do so by adding that application to the whitelist. For this, it’s important that you first uncheck Filter application entries.


Add Application to Whitelist


In order to view the list of all the whitelisted applications or remove an application from the whitelist, click on Edit whitelist.


Edit whitelist


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