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Discover Who’s Unfriended You on Facebook

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Unfriend Finder LogoWhile Facebook does notify you about new friend request(s) from people and also about somebody accepting your friend request, but not about who removed you from their friend list, while a browser extension called Unfriend Finder, does let you do that for yourself i.e. Unfriend Finder helps you keep track of the people who ditch you as a friend on Facebook.




Unfriend Finder is currently available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari and that too in 54 different languages! There’s nothing complicated about getting started with using it. All you have to do is land on to its installation page, choose your browser to see your browser-specific installation instructions. Once you’re done with following and executing the respective instructions, assuming that the extension successfully installed on your browser, login into your Facebook Account now to notice a new option appear in the menu-bar at top-right corner of the page and also in the left pane, saying Unfriends and once you click on it, you’ll be taken to a page that displays a list of friends who’ve just un-friended you and also you get access to a list of all your awaiting friend request(s) i.e. those people who haven’t yet accepted your friend request and from here, you can also cancel or revoke the awaiting friend request(s). Just in case you don’t find the new Unfriends option added to the menu bar and the left pane of the Facebook page, restarting the browser might help.




Note that as the extension is not retroactive i.e. it won’t allow you to know about those who un-friended you in the past. So watching the extension in real action is only possible when someone removes you from their friend list after you installed this extension, until then you certainly won’t find any un-friend notifications.


But that isn’t it, as you can customize the configuration of the extension from Account (at the top-right corner) > Unfriend Finder Settings, in order to modify the appearance and tweak behavior settings of the browser to avail personalization and something more, such as opting for being alerted or notified, even when:


  • 1. A friend’s profile has been de-activated/re-activated.
  • 2. Your awaiting friend request has been confirmed/declined.


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