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Speed up Remote Desktop Connection

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If you are using Remote Desktop Connection on Windows, you may discover that running a Windows system by remote screen control requires some serious bandwidth and so usually goes a bit slowly. Here are some tweaks to help you speed up the process and diminish delays.


1. Open the Remote Desktop Connection Client by going to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection.


Windows Remote Desktop Connection Client


2. Now click on Options and jump to the Display tab, where you should crank the Color Depth down to High Color 15 or 16-bit depending on your preference. The lower the color depth, faster will be the connection.


Display Tab


3. Now go to the Local Resources tab. Here, un-check Printers and set Remote audio Settings to Do not play. If you require the ability to print to your locally attached printer or need to hear audio during the remote connection, ignore and skip this step.


Note: The less additional “channels” (resources) you connect, faster the connection.


Local Resouces Tab


4. In the Experience tab, un-check all the options except (other than) Persistent bitmap caching. All other options consume extra bandwidth, and offer little benefit. So, this is possibly the most important change to make, as items such as “Themes” can quadruple the bandwidth consumption.


Experience Tab


5. Back in the General tab, you may now enter your destination computer’s name and then Connect, just to enjoy a faster Remote Desktop Connection!


You can also do the same with your Mac, if using the Microsoft “Remote Desktop Connection for Mac” Client.


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