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Twitter Adds HTTPS (SSL Encrypted Navigation) Option to Enhance Security

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With reportedly high number of Twitter Accounts getting hacked lately these days, Twitter has finally joined Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail and others amongst the list of services to enable SSL-Encrypted browsing. If you’re on Twitter, it is highly recommended for you too, to enable this “HTTPS” option, in order to keep your private information even more secure, as you never know when you will access Twitter over an unsecured Internet connection to let other users logged into the same public WiFi network, read your traffic and possibly steal your login credentials using surveillance tools like Firesheep.


In order to turn on HTTPS, login to the site, click on Settings in the drop-down menu below your username at the top-right of the page, scroll down and click the checkbox next to “Always use HTTPS.” Then click the Save button to keep those changes (you may need to enter your password again).


Always use HTTPS


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