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Untethered Jailbreak for iPod Touch 2G MC Model 4.2.1 [Without SHSH blobs]

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After countless days of searching for a way to jailbreak my iPod Touch 2G MC Model on firmware 4.2.1 I finally figured it out with inputs from a dozen of forums and another dozen posts.

It is quite easy to jailbreak other devices. You can just visit Jailbreakme from your device. If that doesn’t do it for you you can just Google your device model and firmware and you will surely find a result which suits you. The problem lies in this specific model of iPod. There is apparently no way in which you can have an untethered jailbreak on it unless you have SHSH blobs for your 4.1 or 4.0 software saved. (Having SHSH blobs basically lead to downgrading to a lower iOS which can be easily jailbroken).


Now to begin:


(Warning: The following method may/may not work for you. But jailbreaking is extremely safe and if anything goes wrong your iPod can be restored in one click using the Restore button in iTunes. So its worth a shot.)


Step 1: Download Tiny Umbrella. You can do so by clicking on this link. Keep it on the Desktop. We will require it later as well.


Step 2: Connect your iPod to the computer and open Tiny Umbrella. Tiny Umbrella will automatically detect your device. Then save your SHSH blobs for the current iOS (4.2.1) by simply clicking on ‘Save SHSH’ in the top right corner (image below). You can close Tiny Umbrella for now.





Step 3: Now before you proceed download Greenpois0n from here. It is the main software we would be using to perform the jailbreak.


Step 4: Now make sure you have your PC speakers or headphones turned on and turn up the volume a little.


Step 5: As a precaution keep iTunes closed. Connect your device to the computer.


Step 6: Press and Hold the Home Button. Within one second of pressing the Home Button - Press and Hold the Standby Button (Ignore the slide to power off message).


Step 7: Now the computer will play a “USB Out” sound. This means your device is now disconnected from the PC. You can now release the Standby button. Make sure to continue holding the Home button.


Step 8: After a while the computer will play another sound. This one will be a “USB In” sound. This means the device is now connected to the computer. The device screen should be blank.


Step 9: Don’t do anything else with the device. Now open the Greenpois0n zip file (from Step 3). Extract it to the Desktop. Run ‘greenpois0n.exe’.


Step 10: Greenpois0n should automatically detect your iPod to be in DFU mode. On the bottom of the window you should be able to see a ‘Jailbreak’ button. Click on it. And wait.


Step 11: Once it is over your iPod will reboot automatically. The Apple boot logo will translate into a Skull logo during boot. If your iPod starts normally after the Skull logo skip to Step 13.


greenpois0n bootStep 12: Probably the boot screen will halt during the Skull logo. Now open Tiny Umbrella (from Step 1). On the left hand side pane your device will be listed (Since you saved SHSH blobs).




Step 13: Finally select your device from the list and then click on “Start TSS Server” (Image below). After a while your iPod should start.


Start TSS


Step 14: An app by the name of Loader should be visible in the Springboard. If you can see the Loader app, your iPod Touch 2G MC model is now jailbroken!


You can do tons of stuff with it now. And I can assure you that you would never want to go back again.


I hope this method works for you. I have tried this method only on this specific model and only with Windows. Let me know if it works on others. If it does/doesn’t let me know below. Feel free to share any problem you encountered during the process.


Update: As one of our commenters pointed out this method can work on Macs as well.


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