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Enable Push Notifications on Facebook for Android

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As of now, the Facebook application for Android does not support push notifications, but a forum member at Android Central forums has managed to find a work around solution to the problem. He recently discovered that when his daughter switched from a BlackBerry to an Android device, she continued to get push notified about every new Facebook notification. Surprised by this strange occurrence, he decided to investigate. It turns out, the answer was pretty simple.


Coming from a BlackBerry phone, she had Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones enabled on her Facebook account. Thus, the permissions that Facebook gave to the app somehow unlocked push notifications for the Android app as well!


Here’s what you have to do:

Facebook App for Android 

1. Log in to your Facebook account using a BlackBerry phone, and then wait for it to load your Newsfeed and then log out from Facebook.


2. Now, on your Android phone, head to the Settings panel of the Facebook app and simply turn ON “Notifications” (interval doesn’t matter). You’re set!


This method has been reported to work for a number of users, however a number of people have reported it as not working as well, so there’s no telling how effective this method is. But hey, it merely takes a few minutes minutes, and doesn’t cost a thing (just borrow the Blackberry device from a friend or use a store’s demo in case you don’t have one), so give it a shot and let us know about your results in the comments below.



Android Central has even posted a video demonstration of it working:



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